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Hot Tub Removal Services In The North Atlanta Metro Area

We know how exciting it is to plan for a new, modern hot tub to enhance your home’s appeal. But the thought of dealing with the old one can be scary. As homeowners and real estate realtors in the North Atlanta Metro Area, dealing with bulky junk like old hot tubs is frustrating. You shouldn’t have to worry about such hassles.

We understand your predicament, and we’re here to help. At Dump The Junk, we’re proud of our 100% rating on HomeAdvisor and overall 5-star review on Google for our junk removal services. Check out how we can help you!

Our Specialized Hot Tub Removal Services

Dump The Junk offers specialized hot tub removal services to make your life easier. Our team has the right tools and skills to safely remove your old hot tub, ensuring no damage to your property. We take care of every step, from dismantling the hot tub to disposing of it responsibly. Our hot tub removal process includes:

1. Hot Tub Dismantling

Removing a hot tub may seem impossible, but not for our expert team. We have years of experience dismantling all types and sizes of hot tubs. Our skilled technicians will carefully disconnect any electrical or plumbing connections before breaking the hot tub into smaller pieces for easy removal.

2. Hot Tub Disposal

After dismantling your old hot tub, we don’t just leave it on your property. Our team will responsibly dispose of all the debris, ensuring it doesn’t end up in a landfill. We follow eco-friendly practices and recycle as much hot tub material as possible.

3. Clean-Up & Hauling

Once we’ve removed the hot tub, our team will clean the area and leave it spotless. We understand that having a messy yard or patio can be stressful, so we take care of all the hauling and cleaning so you don’t have to lift a finger.

Committed To Green Practices

At Dump The Junk, besides our junk removal services, we’re also committed to the environment. We take all recyclable parts of your old hot tub to the appropriate facilities.

We also use eco-friendly cleaning products and dispose of any hazardous materials safely. With us, you can trust that we will responsibly remove your hot tub without harming the environment.

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Say Goodbye To Your Old Hot Tub With Dump The Junk

Don’t let the hassle of hot tub removal delay your plans for a backyard makeover. With Dump The Junk, you can look forward to a swift, professional service that prepares your space for its new look. Here’s how you can reclaim your freedom with Dump The Junk:

  1. Schedule our hot tub removal services with us.
  2. Let our professional team handle the heavy lifting.
  3. Enjoy your junk-free space!